Unique Finds

I just thought this was a really funny gift for my boyfriend. It’s a little party tray that fits over your drink so you still have a free hand. He is always complaining on how he looses his drink when he sets it down to eat, or to even go get more food. This is a hilarious, yet really smart, tray to give to your man.

I took this to a grill out we went to and I gave it to him before we got there. He just laughed and laughed when he realized what is was used for. It was a hit at the party. No one has ever seen anything like it and when he tried it out he really liked it. I doubt he will bring it to every party he goes to, but if we are at the house and having a get together he can bring it out and show off his new and fun tray and drink in one.

The Adventure Box

Gifts of experience are truly memorable. Imagine sending someone deep sea fishing, scuba diving or rock climbing. That’s the kind of adventure you can send the recipient of Giftybox’s Adventure Box. You send the box, they choose the adventure!