Huntington Beach Facials Are For Men, Too!

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There is nothing I love more than spending a day at my favorite day spa and getting pampered. It’s so nice to be able to kick back, relax, and have some time to myself. I feel like I’ve been SO busy and overwhelmed lately that I’ve been wanting spa days more and more often. I like to change up what I do and sometimes prefer massages, facials, waxing (although not the most relaxing, the results are great), and spray tanning.

When deciding on something to get your guy for Valentine’s Day, don’t forget about body treatments! They definitely aren’t just for women (I see guys at CloudMover all of the time). I love these Huntington Beach facials and they are amazing. My skin always feels so refreshed afterwards.


This Leather Travel Case is Great For the Guy That Travels

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Valentine’s Day is coming up in less than a month. I’m not the biggest celebrator of this “Hallmark Holiday” but I do like to go on a date with my man and get him something smaller to open. Although you won’t find candy hearts in the candy jar or heart window clings around the house, I do enjoy taking the day to be thankful for the great guy in my life!

I’ve been looking around online for something that’s useful that would make a great gift. I really like this leather travel case because it can be put to use. I like how easy it would be to fold up and I love how there are different compartments that keep toiletries organized and easily assessable.

What is your take on Valentine’s Day?


Pantygram for Valentine’s Day

Yes, this IS a gift for a guy! See, you will surprise him as he pulls the cutest romantic lacy panties out of the envelope, along with a personalized card from his secret admirer! After he logs onto to read your personal and confidential message, he’ll never forget this gift – or the one who sent it to him!

Girls! Quick! Go to

Happy Valentines Day!

We here at the Men’s Shopping Blog would like to wish everyone and thier loved ones a Happy Valentines Day! This is a day to enjoy the love around you and celebrate that special someone! If you have not yet taken the time to call those that keep you propped up thorughout your days then you should take some time now! Again, Happy Valentines day everyone and Happy Shopping!