Funny Wallets

I bought this wallet for my dad’s birthday. I laughed so hard when I saw it and I knew it was perfect for him. Every time I ask him for some money he always says sorry I’m closed. It’s always good to have a laugh and a funny gift to give. I know he will smile and laugh when he sees it and that’s the main thing. It’s okay if he doesn’t use it, I just thought a good laugh would be nice. I also got him a gift card to his favorite place to eat along with a gift card to Cabelas. He loves the outdoors and I figured he might as well buy something he really needs and wants when he sees it. Me and my dad are always the jokers in the house and their is never a dull moment. He always plays jokes on my birthday gift so I thought this would be great, and I put the two gift cards in the wallet. It was a great present!

The Jimi Wallet

At first I thought this was a wallet for condoms, hahaha – but after further investigation I found it isn’t. Booooo! However, I’d love to have it because the Jimi forces you to take just the essentials- ID, a credit card, and a little cash. If it doesn’t fit in the Jimi, you don’t need it.

No More Wallet Hunting!

As a guy, the only thing I need to carry around with me is a wallet.  I have had the same bulky wallet for years now and every time I feel the urge to get a new one I hesitate.  Why? because I’ve had this one for so long that it ‘fits’ my back pocket.  You know, it started out still and bulky but now it fits just right – even though it’s falling apart.

That’s all about to change now that I have found The Naked Wallet – this thing is awesome!  It’s a leather money clip and much more.  It’s definitely a wallet but one without all the bulk.  I was afraid I’d lose things at first but after trying it out I am completely confident that this wallet is secure.  It holds everything together nicely.  This is an excellent product.

The Naked Wallet

The Naked Wallet

If you’re in the San Francisco area – definitely checkout the San Francisco Gift Show Feb 7th thru 10th. This product will be featured at Booth 1647